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CEREC® CAD/CAM Technology

Most dental restorations require multiple trips to the dentist, but that is not the case with CEREC® Technology

The CEREC® machine is scientifically proven by hundreds of clinical studies and is used by dentists all over the world to treat millions of patients every single day.

Driven by results, uncomparable capabilities, and incredible efficiency are the main things that make the CEREC® machine the best dental CAD/CAM option for implantologists and dental implant specialists alike.

CEREC® in Midtown Manhattan

What does CEREC® stand for?

      Chairside :The system is used within the very dental operatory that you're in
      Economical: The process is economical for both the dentist and the patient
      Restorations :The procedure restores your tooth or teeth to look and function naturally
      Esthetic: The restorations match the colors of your natural teeth, but remain are metal-
      Ceramic: Durable ceramics are used to accurately emulate the composition of your natural tooth structure

The future of dental crowns and restorations

Dr. Chen uses the CEREC's camera to take digital pictures of your prepped tooth. This eliminates the need to use traditional impression material, better known as the sticky putty that most dentist commonly use to create a mold or impression of your teeth. This often leaves patients in discomfort, causes gagging, and takes much more time to do.

Tooth design you can see firsthand

The CEREC's 3D software converts the digital picture taken by Dr. Chen into a three dimensional virtual model of your prepared tooth. With the model Dr. Steen, Dr. Beguin and yourself will start designing your tooth together.

CEREC® Restorations

The CEREC system is designed to help with a variety of different dental restorations such as:
  • Crowns
  • Inlays (Fillings)
  • Onlays (Partial Crowns)
  • Veneers

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