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Why Dental Implants?

Every day patients are lead to believe dentures and removable dental restorations will solve her problems.

Little do they know, science has proven over and over again that dental implants are the best method of replacing missing teeth

For decades, removable dental restorations like dental bridges and dentures have been used to address problems associated with missing teeth. By using dental implants, there are many great benefits for patients.

People still wonder why they should get dental implants as opposed to opting for removable dental restorations. There are many reasons why, and we would like to cover some of the major ones.

Why dental implants better than the rest

Dental Implants Function Exactly Like Natural Teeth

We always stress the fact that dental implants function exactly like natural tooth roots. This provides a lot of different advantages. For one, your bite strength will be comparable to the bite strength of your natural teeth. Additionally, there is more stability with implants compared to dentures. Since they function like natural teeth, bone loss and gum recession as a result of missing root structure is no longer an issue.

They Look Better Than Dentures

With the traditional approach of dentures, sometimes there a seam line between the dental restoration and the patient’s gum line can be visible. (This only gets worse if the patient's gums recede.) With dental implants, the seam line is non-existent, which allows the teeth to appear more natural.

High Success Rates

Dental implants have been proven to be very effective. Studies have shown that there's a 95% success rate with dental implants. This goes for both long-term and short-term results.

The Oral Surgery is Safe and Effective

Since the dental implant process is so deliberate, the oral surgery associated with implants are safe and effective. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Chen has years of additional training and education when it comes to dental implants - giving him a greater understanding of the different structures of the mouth, and how her appearance and health can be further enhanced.

During your consultation, we will be able to see if you are a good candidate for dental implants. If not, we will create a list of alternative treatments which are better suited for your unique needs.

Non-Candidates May Become Candidates

One of the best things about dental implants are that there are different procedures that can be performed to make you an ideal candidate for dental implants. If you do not have enough bone density in the jaw, a bone grafting surgery may be performed to build adequate bone density. Also, if you don’t have enough gum tissue to support the implant, gum augmentation surgery can be performed to build up the gum tissue to an eligible level.

So why not see if you're a candidate?

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