Our practice uses guided implant placement for the absolute best results

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Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Using the X-Guide System, Dr. Chen place dental implants with absolute precision at exact positions, angles, and depths.

Guided dental implant surgery utilizes advanced Cone Beam 3D imaging to place implants at exact specifications. These plans can be implemented in real-time and setup accordingly to exact measurements. The X-Guide System utilizes state-of-the-art tools to ensure the absolute best dental implant positioning and angle.

Guided Implant Surgery Benefits

Benefits for dental implant patients

    Precise implant placement
    Less risk for complications
    Faster and less invasive implant surgery
    High quality restorations with exact specifications

Full control and easy navigation

Patent-pending X-Point technology makes it easy for Dr. Chen to look at the screen and concentrate on one dynamic focal point to precisely guide the surgical placement of the dentla implant. With the X-Guide System, our office can consistently achieve a more desirable, functional, and aesthetic outcome.

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